Jagdish Ramakrishnan

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Research Scientist, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA

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About Me

I am currently a research scientist in the Core Data Science group at Facebook, where I work on machine learning approaches motivated by product needs. I was previously a data scientist at Walmart Labs where I worked on approaches for pricing and anomaly detection. There, I was responsible for end-to-end development including analyzing data, developing algorithms, deploying models in production, and patenting and presenting novel approaches in conferences. Recently, I have been excited about deep learning and reinforcement learning approaches and have been applying them in my work.

Previously, I was a research associate in the optimization group at UW-Madison, working with Prof. Michael C. Ferris and Prof. James Luedtke. I received my Ph.D. in EECS at MIT; my advisors were Prof. John N. Tsitsiklis, Prof. David Craft, and Prof. Thomas Bortfeld.

I have worked on problems in revenue management (price optimization, demand forecasting), energy management (stochastic unit commitment), medical decision making (radiotherapy treatment planning), and agricultural management (sustainable nutrient management).